The following is a list of the Moonga Stakes winners for the past few years. You will notice a lack of repeat performances, with just a few exceptions where horses have placed in multiple runnings of the race. This information may help you to place a smarter bet on the Moonga Stakes at an online betting site like

Keep an eye on the Moonga Stakes results. A lot of punters rely on the Moonga Stakes results to provide great form guidance for races further down the track.

Notable Moonga Stakes winners include Vo Rogue (1988), Rough Habit (1992), Assertive Lad (2002) and Boban (2013).

Moonga Stakes results since 1999 are below.

Moonga Stakes Results

Year Winner Second Third Time
2016 Voodoo Lad Takedown Turnitaround 1:24.5
2015 Vashka Under The Louvre Coronation Shallan 1:23.2
2014 Lucky Hussler Under The Louvre Generalife 1:23.5
2013 Boban Strawberry Boy Galah 1:23.9
2012 Whateverwhenever King’s Rose McClintock 1:23.7
2011 Love Conquers All Albert The Fat Pinwheel 1:21.9
2010 Rothera Sniper’s Bullet Jungle Ruler 1:25.8
2009 McClintock Rightfully Yours Kiloton 1:22.7
2008 Royal Discretion Turffontein Stickpin 1.23.6
2007 Lord Of The Dance Polish Clown Solar Secret 1:22.6
2006 Perfectly Ready Live In Vain Caprizzi Strip 1:22.3
2005 Volitant Yell Shadow 1:21.3
2004 Amtrak Pink Fit Monahan Tweed 1:24.6
2003 Thorn Park Lord Volksraad Regal Roller 1:22.5
2002 Assertive Lad El Nino Prince Rubiton 1:22.9
2001 Flavour Inspire Make Mine Magic 1:24.8
2000 Cellar Hire Weasel Will 1:21.8
1999 Another Neptune Strident Weasel Will 1:23.5